• Beatriz Farrugia

    Beatriz Farrugia

    Brazilian journalist. Data, Digital Content and SEO.

  • Vanessa Fillis

    Vanessa Fillis

    data journalist. passionate about mental health.

  • Paul Bradshaw

    Paul Bradshaw

    Write the @ojblog. I run the MA in Data Journalism and the MA in Multiplatform and Mobile Journalism @bcujournalism and wrote @ojhandbook #scrapingforjournos

  • Umar Hassan

    Umar Hassan

    Data Journalist specialising in technology & investigations. Rock n’ roll enthusiast, recovering gamer & fitness addict.

  • Natalia Parzygnat

    Natalia Parzygnat

  • Tom Fair

    Tom Fair

  • Jonathan Touriño Jacobo

    Jonathan Touriño Jacobo

    Data Journalist, with an interest in news about Climate/Energy and Politics mostly.

  • Cóilín Duffy

    Cóilín Duffy

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